“Oriental Expression Awards” is an Institution that aims to organize International Dance Competitions, in order to promote not only the traditional and modern dance styles, but also to award those who are striving for the better dance evolution.

The Jugde's Panel has mamy members to ensure the fairness and impartiality of the Competition and consists of Internationally Recognized Dancers, Teachers and Choreographers.

The President of the Committee is Mrs. Anna Dimitratou and members of the Panel are the each time internationally renowned guests.


5th Spring International Bellydance Competition (March 21-22, 2020)


With Oriental Superstar Diana Gnatchenko and the Greek Tribal Fusion Star Eva Chantzichristou

 SATURDAY, MARCH 21ST, 2020 (13.00 – 19.00)

Art Space “Anna Maria Kalouta” (Yannis Flery Dance Room)

 The Oriental Superstar Diana Gnatchenko is coming for the very 1st time in Athens – Greece, invited by Anna Dimitratou and Oriental Expression Awards. With her, the internationally renowned Greek Tribal Fusion Star Eva Hatzichristou.During their stay in Athens, the artists: • They will teach 3 two-hour workshops (Saturday 21 March, 13.00 - 19.00)                    (Tribal Fusion Bellydance Workshop by Eva Hatzichristou 13:00-15:00)                    (Oriental - Drum Solo by Diana Gnatchenko 15:00-17:00)                    (Oriental - Baladi by Diana Gnatchenko 17:00-19:00)• Will be honored judges at the Bellydance Competition “5th International Bellydance Competition” (Sunday, March 22, 2020, 11:00)• They will perform to the Mega Oriental Show (Saturday March 21, 21.00)


  1. Tribal Fusion Bellydance

Stage is the space where art is happening.  When we get a chance to be on stage let’s take advantage of it!  We can conquer every single piece of this space and create surprises for our audience.  Moving around can be uncomfortable for tribal fusion dancers that are mostly used to executing isolations staying in place.  But there are great ways of travelling without loosing the unique fluid feeling of tribal fusion.  In this class we will learn combos and play games to find unusual ways of getting around stage creating all kinds of shapes.

  1. Drum solo

The main secrets of Diana Gnatchenko, the main ideas and way to dance drum solo. How to do visible the small and detailed technique? We'll learn to fill the music correctly and use the space around yourself. Contrasting technology. What it is? How and where to use it?!

  1. Baladi modern

 Choreography with favorite composition.  We will learn hard spectacular elements, learn how to use advantageous foreshortenings in choreography, will learn through the subtleties of working with the plastic of the body, you will learn to do and understand what seems impossible. The main idea of class is music understanding and we're not going to dance with music, we will try to paint it.

Workshops cost:

Full pass: 3 workshops + participation in the competition + entrance to the Show  

120 euro (till 31/10/2019)

140 euro (till 31/12/2019)

160 euro (till 21/3/2010)

3 workshops + entrance to the Show 

100 euro (till 31/10/2019)

120 euro (till 31/12/2019)

140 euro (till 21/3/2010)

Individual Workshops

1 workshop (Diana)        50 euro

1 workshop (Eva)             40 euro

2 workshops                      90 euro


Participation at 5th Spring International Bellydance Competition
Adults Solo: 25 €

Kids (up to 11 years old): 20 euro

Groups (of more than 3 people): 15 euro

* To join additional categories add 15 euro per category (Includes entry to the Mega Oriental Show on Saturday 21 March 2020)

* Viewers’ entrance for the Competition and the following Winners Parade: 10 euro

* Viewers’ entrance for the Competition and the Mega Oriental Show Saturday: 15 euro

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